Sunflower Shi Body & Yoni

All natural & organic soap based whipped body scurbs infused with aromatherapy essential oils & Yoni Herbal Steam & more.

About Me



Using natural & organic products contains ingredients which are similar to the ones our bodies produce including amino acids, antioxidants & fatty acids. These products promote skin health & enrich it from the outside.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils have pharmacological  effects through various systems, and especially psychological & physical effects when the aroma are inhaled.

Refreshing & Relaxing

When we refresh and relax the body, the blood increase around our body giving us more relaxing energy. It helps calm, clear and improve concentration, postive thinking & memory. 


I love the products. I have eczema & the healing paradise has my body soothing all over. 


I used the calming touch & it does exactly as said. I workout on a daily. The scrub had my body feeling so relaxed and soothing afterwards.  

Stephanie R.

I have gout & I had a flare up. I used the healing paradise for about a week & I could feel the difference. 

Nette J.

Calming Touch as my legs so smooth. I can't stop rubbing them.

Sonia E.

I ordered the Garden of Eden bath soak. OMGGGG!!!!! I poured in my hot bath & its like my whole day melted away.

Darlisa W.