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Soap base scrub. NO need for a body wash. These scrubs will exfoliate, wash, hydrated & smooth your skin without over drying . Apply scrub over body. *Avoid Face area* wash off gently BUT thoroughly.

Ingredients: Organic Rosa Canina (rosehip seed oil) m, Glycine Soja (soybean)oil, Tocopheryl
acetate,BHT, Cocos Nucifria (vitamin e)oil, Soap base, Empson salt, pure sugar
Rosy Sensation will cleanse & moisturize the skin. It’s a soap base scrub infused with Rose hip seed & Rose essential oils.

Rose Benefits
1. Eases depressive symptoms
2. Stimulates sex drive
3. Decreases anxiety and stress
4. Relief from menstrual discomfort
5. Eases pain
🛀🏿It lathers like soap. Use in a luffa, towel or hand to scrub the body 🛀🏿
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